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Is your laptop slower than it used to be? Perhaps it needs to be checked for viruses? Do you worry about keeping your child safe online, when they are on a smartphone or iPad?

Are you a long-distance grandparent who would like to Skype your grandchildren abroad? … Sometimes you have a computer question that needs to be addressed at your home. That’s why we created our Housecalls service.

Your Digital Home

We make Digital Home life easier

We have a range of home IT services to suit your needs for your family and your home. Browse our services below.

A friendly and knowledgeable technician will come to your home to answer all your questions and solve any issues.
Some common problems we address during housecalls are:

Home Wi-Fi setup & management
Internet security
PC & laptop repair
Virus & Spyware removal/protection
PC or laptop upgrades
New computer or printer setup
Advice on printing and storing digital photos
Storage and back-ups
File recovery
Software training – Microsoft Office 365, E-Mail, or Internet

Whatever the issue Contact Us to find out how we can help

Pick-Up Services
We also offer a pick up and return service. No need to untangle those cables and haul your pc or laptop to a repair shop, we do it for you.

All our technicians have professional accreditation and many years of experience so you can rest assured your computer will be in good hands. IT equipment we collect is then repaired in our fully equipped workshop and returned to you fully operational and with a report of what work was carried out.

Many of the computers we service simply need to be cleaned of viruses or spyware.If your computer is running poorly or has stopped working altogether, call us and we will diagnose and treat it as needed.

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Internet Safety for children & teenagers

Are you worried about keeping your child safe online? Children and teenagers spend a lot of time online these days, connecting with friends, browsing the Internet for information, streaming content or playing games. With an average of four digital devices in Irish homes and research showing most young people are going online at least once a day parents are quite rightly concerned about helping their children to stay safe.

Whether you are comfortable using digital technology and social media or you feel that your child knows more than you do at iFixIT, we can offer you the benefit of our experience and advice on Internet safety including:

  • The internet protections that are already on your laptop or tablet and how to switch them on
  • Parental controls and filtering software that can help protect children online, how it works, and where you can get it
  • Advice on choosing a tablet, smartphone or games console for your child and setting up controls on the device and on your home broadband.
  • Privacy settings and sharing information
Cloud Services

Storing Your Personal Data in the cloud

If you use and email service like Gmail or you are on Facebook, then you are already storing some of your personal data in The Cloud. Apple’s iCloud can also save your photos, music, documents syncing all your devices so you can access them whenever and wherever you are.

But what about backing up your PC files on Dropbox and where is the best place to store a copy of those precious family photos? Recent cyber attacks on Cloud services like the well-publicised celebrity photo hack last year have made many people wary and with good reason. At iFixIT, we have extensive experience in providing secure storage and can advise you on the range of free and paid-for Cloud storage options available and the best place to store all your documents, photos and music.

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Smart Home Systems

Do you want to stream movies and music on different devices in different rooms simultaneously and are you worried that your broadband won’t cope?

Or is it time to rethink your home heating or security system and take advantage of cost-saving technology? Would you like to learn more for example, about energy-saving devices which turn on the heat when you’re away from home and can be controlled from your smartphone.

Smart Home technology and the Internet of Things is transforming the way that home energy and entertainment systems are controlled and managed including:

  • Central cabling systems for home entertainment, home cinema and Wi-Fi
  • Security and gate management systems
  • Lighting control and home heating systems

There’s the Nest Learning Thermostat for example, which connects to Wi-Fi so you can control the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop. Its Auto Away feature means that Nest also automatically turns itself down when there’s nobody home, to help you save on energy bills.

Nest Labs have also developed Nest Protect, a Wi-Fi enabled smoke alarm and carbon-monoxide detector which will send an alert to your smartphone if there’s any danger – or simply tell you when the batteries need changing.

iFixIT can advise you on integrating your smartphone or tablet with smart home technology, IT solutions for home networks and creating smart home systems which are custom-designed to suit you, whatever your needs and budget.

remote working

Working from home

Already 25% of workers spend a significant amount of time away from the office and this number is growing rapidly.

The most recent Eircom Household Sentiment Survey (eHSS) shows that 42% (718,000) of workers check their email from home and a growing number of people need access to business data and applications when working remotely.

iFixIT can provide you with advice on everything you need to work from home including:

  • Installing commercial grade, industry standard Wi-Fi
  • Improving your broadband speed
  • Providing firewalls to ensure secure remote business connections
  • Recabling to set up a dedicated workspace in a suitable area eg a bedroom/study.

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